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On Performing as a Financial Advisor

a cartoon of a male doctor talking to a female patient saying, "Of course I'm listening. Don't you see me making eye contact and nodding empathetically?

It's sad to see so much behavioral coaching from thought leaders in financial services. "Make eye contact, nod, only talk 20% of the time, lean in but not too much." That's a performance. A prescription.

Stop Performing and Start Being

That's not empathy OR compassion. First, empathy hurts and isn't a long-term, sustainable way to work with people. Burnout, dissatisfaction of both parties, and mistakes in your work result.

Compassion is the solution, as it is healing and rewarding. And it's not taught as a performance. Instead, it emerges from the inside as a result of cultivating certain qualities.

Don't aim to APPEAR to be compassionate, learn what it means and how to cultivate it.

Join us for 8 weeks of The Future of Financial Advice: Practicing New Ways of Being, Thinking, and Relating, starting September 12 for a different kind of learning experience that will equip you to rise above the AI, the Emotion AI, and be what your clients need to feel confident, safe, secure, and cared for. No performing necessary—this is the real deal.

And if you want a window into developing compassion, come to Thursday's Drop-in, via Zoom, from 11-11:30am (UTC-4). Learn how to authentically care FOR and ABOUT others in a way that is sustainable, boundless, and feels good. Register for the link here.

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